Tonal Verges Live @ The Final Circus Overdrive @ Pand14 2014


00:00 Svelte Organ
04:00 Let Her Die
08:00 Operation Northwoods
12:00 Untitled (UNRELEASED)
16:30 Angst – Impending Doom (Tonal Verges Remx)
20:30 Landsbelang
25:00 I Am A Number
28:30 The Universe Is Indifferent (UNRELEASED)
33:30 Fucking / Redemption
38:00 Hunting (UNRELEASED)
42:30 Mutual Assured Destruction
47:00 Untitled (UNRELEASED)
52:00 Think differently
55:00 Untitled (UNRELEASED)

Most tracks are from the Tonal Verges album ( , except for “Landsbelang” which was released on the Photon Collisions compilation (…-responses)

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